Laura and Nina

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Laura and Nina

When the owner of The Golden Guest House reached out to me about photographing her and her daughter in downtown Golden, I was super excited!  Situated in the heart of downtown Golden, Colorado, The Golden Guest House is a gorgeous vacation home.  I was looking forward to merely spending some time in that space.  I LOVE downtown Golden!

Once I started corresponding with Laura, I knew that this photography session was going to be particularly fun.  Laura expressed that she wanted to be photographed across the street from The Golden Guest House at the Golden History Park.  She wanted natural portraits taken of her and her daughter Nina.  Portraits that felt “real” and that really felt like “Laura and Nina.”  Portraits that captured them looking exactly like they do every day.  Well, that’s kinda my specialty.  🙂

Laura also requested that I capture shots of her running with Nina riding her bike beside her.  Since I was going to photograph this mother-daughter session right around sunset, I informed her that we could certainly try but that I didn’t know how successful I would be in nailing these action shots.  We also had to get that Mount Zion “M” in a couple of the photos – that’s such a noticeable feature of Golden’s landscape!!

As you can see from these photos, I think we accomplished our mission.  😉

I had a blast with Laura and Nina.  I think these family portraits turned out wonderfully and that, as a photographer, I was a fantastic fit for Laura and Nina.  Being a family photographer in Colorado is a dream come true for me!!

I’ll be photographing The Golden Guest House in a couple of months, so stay tuned for those.  I can’t wait to show off Laura’s amazing space!

Now, a bit of backstory as to how I met Laura!

Golden Women in Business

When I first launched Sweet Green Photography in 2015, I had barely lived in Colorado for a year.  I spent the months of January through September 2015 creating my business alone in my apartment in Golden.  Compiling my portfolio, I sorted through the thousands of digital photos that I had been taking since 2006.  Figuring out my logo, I analyzed hundreds of fonts and colors.  And educating myself on the right way to run a photography business, I watched hours of Professional Photographers of America‘s videos.

When I finally went live with my website, I felt as though I truly was releasing “my baby” out into the world.  I had spent 9 straight months creating it, and now, I was setting it free.  Now, it was up to me to inform it, learn from it, raise it up, and defend it.  Sweet Green Photography would represent me.  After all, I am my brand.  I was putting myself out there into the world in a completely new and scary way.

So, what’s one of the first things that I did?  Join a Facebook group called Golden Women in Business.  In scary times, I like to surround myself with women who can support me.  🙂

A couple of months later, I joined the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and its Leads Group 7.  That quickly took up much of my dedicated networking time, and I have continued to make it a priority since November of 2015.  As a result, I actually didn’t make it to a Golden Women in Business gathering until last summer… However, it was then that I met Laura!

The Golden Women in Business hosted one of their monthly networking happy hours at The Golden Guest House!  I love walking around in downtown Golden and had always been curious about that place.  Actually, that may have been the reason that I felt compelled to finally attend!  I sure am glad that I did.  I’m still dreaming of the delicious food from Mountain Cravings

Denver, Colorado, Family Photographer

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Now, two of my personal favorites of Laura and Nina –