Photos of Families in All Forms

Couples, parents, children, siblings, fur babies.  Families come in all shapes and sizes.  And Sweet Green Photography excitedly embraces everything that entails.  All of those individual relationships.  The quirks.  The character.  I am ready to record all of that realness with my camera.  (I like to say "realness" instead of "raw." "Raw" sometimes sounds a bit scary to me)  🙂

For families that desire classic portraiture, my 13+ years of experience in traditional posing will guaranteed that everyone looks connected, close, and timeless.

For those wanting the more modern look of lifestyle photography, I beautifully capture those moments.  However, I will happily hint with guidance if needed or desired.

Dinnertime.  Getting the kids ready for bed.  Bathtime for the baby.  I would love to document that for you!  Authentic, heartwarming images.  It doesn't matter how chaotic it seems to you.  It's important.  Real life at its finest and most intimate.  It's the time you and your family will want to remember in 10 years, 20 years, and onward.

In addition to photographing at families' homes, Sweet Green Photography would also love to accompany families on hikes and outings.  As a photographer, it's a blast!  More importantly,

Customized and Calm

One of the best things about Sweet Green Photography is that every experience is customized.  In your Design Session, the details of your Photography Session are decided upon while still allowing for spontaneity during your shoot!  To learn more about what it's like to work with Sweet Green Photography, click here - The Experience.

In every Photography Session, a strong focus is placed on the relationships between individuals in the family and keeping things natural.   As a result, genuine smiles and true personalities.  Above all, families are treated to a stress-free professional portrait experience!

Sweet Green Families sessions start at $399, and every portrait session is customized for each family!