Sweet Green Photography has a blast with children!  After over 15 years of photographing them, Sweet Green Steph still loves it.  Even if you have a timid toddler, by the end of the session, your child's genuine personality and all of the wonderfulness that makes them who they are will have been captured...painlessly!

Sweet Green Photography doesn't provide props but rather encourages children to engage in what interests them and feels natural to them.  With a patient and gentle approach, Sweet Green Steph allows them to warm up and never places pressure on them to hold poses.  Because of this, Sweet Green Photography is very successful with toddlers and those with special needs.

To capture genuine smiles and expressions, Sweet Green Steph believes in silliness and games for the younger ones, and conversation and joking for older children.

Natural and true is the goal for every Photography Session at Sweet Green Photography.

Sweet Green Children sessions start at $399, and all portrait sessions are customized just for you!