Sweet Green Photography believes it's always a perfect time to photograph babies.  A different expression, a different sound, a different skill - every new day brings wonderful changes and growth!

From as young as a couple days old, little ones are photographed naturally in their homes.  Emphasis is always placed on their faces.  Because isn't that the best part?!

For all sessions, Sweet Green Steph sets up and captures traditional close-ups of babies' faces, but the rest is up to you!  Tender moments during nursing, bath time splashes, a trip to the park - it's all worthy of being beautifully documented.

What do you want to remember?

With an artistic awareness, Sweet Green Steph will record all of the little details that directly surround your sweet ones in their homes.  Props are not provided, and only items that are important to babies and their families will be photographed.

Sweet Green Babies sessions start at $399, and all portrait experiences are customized just for you!