Davis Family Fall Photos

Davis Family Fall Photos

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Coming to you from Denver, Colorado…the Davis Family fall photos!

When working with Sweet Green Photography, families are treated to the easy Sweet Green Experience.  A fantastic part of the Sweet Green Experience is that I come to your home for the Photography Session.  Families don’t have to even leave their home for their professional portraits.  I photographed the Davis Family in their yard!

This convenience allows for a more relaxed Photography Session overall.  For example, I began by photographing the girls in their first outfit in the backyard.  During that time, mom was able to stay inside with a little extra time to get herself ready.

As with all Sweet Green Experiences, family portrait posing consists of different groupings.  Everyone together, the parents together, and the children both together and separately.  For the individual photos of the children, I photograph full-body portraits and headshots.  And both horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) orientations for their headshots.

Natural, posing variety.  Encouraged, complimentary outfit changes.  You’ll love the variety of Sweet Green Photography!

These Davis Family fall photos are a perfect example of a typical Sweet Green Families session.  🙂

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