5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Family Vacation Photographer

Sweet Green Photography - 5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Family Vacation Photographer

1. You won’t have to remember to take pictures.

Gone are your worries about having to remember to take pictures.  I’ve been a photographer nearly my entire life.  But when I’m on vacation, I’m ON VACATION.  I have to constantly remind myself to stop, take out my camera, and photograph.  Much of the time, my traveling partner has to remind me!  When you’re truly enjoying your vacation, you’re immersed in it.  You shouldn’t have to pull yourself away.  Don’t pull yourself out of those moments – mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Stay there.  Stay in the moment.  Enjoy your vacation completely.  Leave the photography to the professional.  When you hire a personal family vacation photographer, she is there solely for that purpose.

2. You’ll be in all of the photos.

You will be in them.  Your spouse will be in them.  The whole family.  Taking photos with our phones is the easiest.  However, when grabbing a family selfie, you can only back up so much.  Even then, it’s difficult to successfully get all of your family members’ heads in the shot.  Selfie sticks exist, but they take time to pull out of your bag, extend, and then properly set up with your phone’s Bluetooth.  Handing phones to strangers to take photos feels less and less safe all of the time.  If you bring an actual camera and want to take a portrait of the entire family, you will most likely need a tripod or remote.  If you notice, I am not even considering you not being in your family photos an option.  Hiring a personal family vacation photographer solves this dilemma for you.  Easy, professional photographs of you with your family throughout your entire family vacation.  After all, it’s your family’s vacation…not just your spouse’s and children’s. 

3. You’ll remember the small stuff.

The details matter.  When you were booking your accommodations, did you check out photos of possible places you might stay?  If you’re like me, you probably looked at many places and their pictures before deciding.  When I book a place, one of the main reasons I choose it is because of its fine amenities and the way it looks.  I imagine the way that place will make me feel once I’m there.  Luxury hotels and resorts are all about this!  When you travel with your family, how important to you is experiencing new food or tasting the local cuisine?  For me, that’s one of the most exciting parts about vacations.  Especially international travel!  Where you stay, what you eat, what you sip.  These details are a huge part of the experience of your luxury vacation, and when you hire a personal family vacation photographer, these elements will also be documented for you.

4. You won’t forget the journey.

It’s wonderful when you arrive at your destination, but I think the journey to that destination is also important.  When I think about my family vacations as a child, I remember the car rides.  I remember the cassette tapes, the movies we watched, and the places I sat in our vehicles.  As an adult traveling on airlines, I remember the airports, the places I ate there, the books and magazines I read, the music playing thru my earphones, and the movies on my iPad.  In my mind, your family vacation starts as soon as you walk into the FBO.  You’ve chartered a private jet.  It’s yours to enjoy.  That private jet plays a big part in your personal family vacation.  That experience deserves to be photographed.

5. You’ll have better memories.

After your family vacation has ended, you will you have better memories.  Better memories through fuller experiences.  Because you hired a personal family vacation photographer, you didn’t have to worry about taking pictures during your family vacation.  You didn’t have to pull yourself away from the action to capture it for your family.  You were able to be a part of every experience.  And the proof is in your photographs!  You were there.  Not only will the memories in your mind be better, but you will have professional photography of your trip.  Personal family vacation photography will not only capture the details and quiet moments, but it will also provide you with professional posed portraits of your family.  Perfect for canvases for your walls, hardcover photo books for your coffee table, and greeting cards for your friends and family!

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