Braden’s 2 Year

Braden’s 2 Year

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A Relaxed Playground Date

Braden’s 2 year photos were a blast!  Yet relaxing.  Is that possible?  To have a relaxed blast?  Anyway, both of us had a blast, and I was relaxed while taking Braden’s 2 Year photos.  🙂

We met at the village park, and Mom and I just let him climb, explore, and have fun.  As a toddler photographer, I know this approach to be the best.  Toddlers have to do their own thing, and it has to be done their way.  We adults can attempt to guide them to do things our way, but we should be prepared with a solid “No!”  I understand this about toddlers, so when it comes to 2 year birthday photographs, I always suggest a place for play.

Braden’s 2 year photos basically consisted of him climbing around on a playground (supervised by mom of course), sliding down the slide, picking up some tiny stones and then balls, hugging onto Mom, and trying to eat an old cob the in a corn field.  Sounds like a toddler, right?

Toddler Photographer

As a Denver toddler photographer, I have the most experience with this age.  Since 2006, I’ve photographed hundreds of toddlers…and actually enjoy it!  (Trust me, you’ll believe me when you see me in action.)

I understand their sensitivities but can keep up with their energy.

When I begin a toddler photography session, I sit calmly and stay out of their space.  I let them feel me out and wait for them to slowly warm up to me.  As they begin to interact with me, I adjust my emotions and interactions to match their needs.  Finally, when I think it’s time to try to get some genuine smiles, I can get realllllly goofy.  I have no shame in jumping around like a monkey, slapping myself in the face, running away and hiding, pretending to tickle.  It’s kinda my thing actually. 🙂

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