Birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, and weekend barbeques.  The next time you host and have everyone over, wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have to worry about also taking pictures during it?  That’s where Sweet Green Photography saves the day!  The preparations, the details, the faces, the emotions – Sweet Green will document all of it for you!

All gatherings with our favorite people are worth remembering.  They’re some of the best memories of our lives!  Surrounded by our closest friends and family, parties give us something to look forward to.  Every week, every month, every year.  And they always give us something to look back on.

Sweet Green wants to help you remember and give you photographs to look back on. Like a speechless guest, quietly moving around the party, Sweet Green will pop in and out of groups of people, snapping away.  For parties, focus isn’t placed on traditional poses but more on what’s naturally happening.  The colors, the laughs, the mood – it’ll all be recorded for you.

Parties - Sweet Green Photography


Love what you see?  Have any questions?  Please give me a call at (618) 660-6863 or email me at [email protected].


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