Mornings with Vivian

Mornings with Vivian

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Mornings with Vivian

While there to photograph Vivian’s official 4 Years Old portraits and 4th birthday party, I also photographed mornings with Vivian.

I love these everyday photography sessions of “real life.”  The regular routines soaked in simplicity.  No messing with outfits, fussing with hair, or focusing on looking at the camera.  These documentary sessions show the real deal, and I’m quietly there to observe and record.

Since she was unable to speak, mornings with Vivian started off with Vivian looking at a book full of drawn images and descriptions.  She’d look at the book and point to what she wanted wanted to eat.  On this particular day, it was pancakes.  🙂

After breakfast, she crawled into her mom’s office and quietly studied family cookbooks.  Later that morning, still in her pajamas, she curled up on the couch and enjoyed some privileged iPad time.  Engrossed in the bright colors and excited chatter like all young children, she laughed until her iPad time was up.  Swapping out the iPad for a Pocoyo balloon, Mom let Vivian know that preparations for Vivian’s 4th birthday party were beginning.

The following days brought more mornings with Vivian.  The following day, I enjoyed photographing her delicately adding her new Pocoyo stickers to her paper.  Her long, tiny, fingers so gentle with each grasp.

Click on the photo below to see Vivian’s 4 Years Old portraits.  🙂


Special Needs Photographer

As a special needs photographer, I have been photographing children with developmental delays, ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, and Marfan Syndrome, since 2007.

Combined with my patience, my warm and gentle energy allows children with special needs to feel comfortable in my presence.  As with all children whom I photograph, my goal is to capture not necessarily genuine smiles but their whole personalities.  I document the “in-between” moments and all of the expressions.  I love catching them in their own thoughts.  Their joy, their hesitance, their curiosity, their frustrations.

Click here to learn more about me, and here to see my portfolio of portraits of children.

As a Denver special needs photographer, I not only have experience in working with children but also adults with special needs.  I not only photograph in the Denver area, but I travel all over Colorado and beyond.  I understand the importance of parents finding that perfect person with whom their child connects, and I am happy to travel to you.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to call or text me at (618) 660-6863, or email me at [email protected].

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