I think I need to admit it – I’ve become a little obsessed with LinkedIn these last couple days.  After I knew I was ready to launch my website, I hit up all of my Sweet Green social media accounts and made sure they too were ready to go.  Since I’ve become my own boss, I’d somewhat forgotten about LinkedIn, nearly neglecting it since late-2013.  I logged in, updated everything, and responded to requests to connect.  I figured I wouldn’t be using it much from here on out and was satisfied with just having it current.  That is, until I discovered I had some unexpected cheerleaders determined to spread the news of my new business to everyone they could think of who was in Colorado!

When I decided to hold off launching my business until Nick and I were settled in Colorado, I knew that I was leaving behind my entire network of friends and family, their friends and families, and all of the potential business that they could bring.  I was prepared to start over…even excited!  I knew that it would be my job to introduce myself to new people and form those bonds and connections.  I thought that was all that I would have.  It didn’t even occur to me that my St. Louis network might have friends or family out here in Colorado!

Within days of launching, a couple of old gal pals both contacted me separately with ideas and introductions to people they knew out here in Colorado.  I was blown away!  Totally heart-warming.  I wasn’t expecting to have cheerleaders and spokespersons working for me on the side.  😉  I LOVE it!  I’m completely flattered that both of them are taking time out of their days to rack their brains to help me.

Getting back to this new little LinkedIn obsession, I now can’t stop thinking about that concept.  Who do I know that might have possible connections here in Colorado?  Even if it’s acquaintances whom I haven’t been around in 20+ years, I’m asking to them to connect on LinkedIn.  Since my name lists Biermann and not Martychenko, I’m hoping my face still looks the same enough for them to remember me.  Then, there’s always a small chance that they’ll actually catch that I’m the owner of a photography business in the Greater Denver Area, right?!  And there’s an even slimmer chance that they might remember those details should the topic of Denver family photographer come up among their friends and family, right??!  😀  These are all small movements, but until Brianne and Erin started connecting me with their friends in this area, I didn’t even consider that I would even utilize LinkedIn.  So now, I’m all about finding old time peeps and acquaintances on LinkedIn.  🙂

One more thing – when did all these 6-year-old boys become grown men leading businesses??!!  I’m coming across guys that I remember as first graders with my brother Victor at St. Clare Catholic School, AND THEY’RE MEN NOW!  I can’t get their faces out of my mind!  They look just like they did in 1995, but with facial hair, broader jawlines, and suits instead of white uniform polos.  Oh, and not only are they not in first grade anymore, they graduated as eighth graders from St. Clare, went on to high school, graduated that and college, and were hired for very respectable jobs.  Geez!  Well, I guess that’s what happens in 20 years… 😉



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