Tackling Twitter

I haven’t used my personal Twitter account since last December, but with the launch of Sweet Green Photography, I felt it important to tackle it again.

At first, I just followed a few friends and all the companies with whom I do business.  PPA, B&H Photo Video, Miller’s Lab, CGProPrints, Time Exposure. Then, I followed some Denver essentials like the DenverZoo, Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Denver Art Museum, as well as some of my personal local faves like Snooze and Big Bill’s NY Pizza.  At the very least, I could stay updated on local happenings.  But then, everything changed.  Sandy Puc’ started following me.

Sandy Puc’ is a big deal.  Like, a really big deal in the photography world.  Her LinkedIn profile for her business sums up the basics best I think.  I first learned of her while listening to this podcast from Full Time Photographer back in March of 2014.  She’s smart, passionate, and inspiring…I could keep going!  I’d been personally following her on Facebook and Twitter since then, but I hadn’t gotten around to following her yet on my Sweet Green Twitter account.  Out of nowhere, she started following me!  She lives and works in the Denver area, and I don’t know how she found me or why she decided to follow me.  But I am slightly starstruck!  Even though I’m only one of 8716 peoples that she’s following, I still feel pretty cool.  🙂

This made me think.  Sandy did something so small, yet as a result, I feel incredible.  I’m automatically more bought into her now.  I even feel like we’re pals!  I know this is not the case,  but it made think about Twitter in a different way.  While I don’t expect to find many clients through Twitter, after this past week, I’ve been renewed in the networking power of it.  I need to use it to connect with those photographers in the business that inspire me.

Like Peter Lik!  I’ve been a fan of his for years.  After Sandy followed me, I thought about all of my idols and followed Peter with my Sweet Green Twitter account.  I tweeted about him…and HE RETWEETED my tweet.  I ABOUT DIED.  Starstruck times two this week, y’all.  It certainly isn’t helping me pay the bills, but inspiration fuels my passion.  And my passion will help pay the bills.  I’m determined!

Another surprise follow – this time from local Golden business Gold Mine Cupcakes – made me realize that I also need to follow other local businesses, even if I haven’t personally experienced their products yet.  It wouldn’t hurt to show support and stay in the loop!  I was already planning to try to form some marketing partnerships.  I may get some ideas this way!  And ideas is what I need right now.  I have a lot, but to quote Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is power.”  😉



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