The Beginning of My Blog!

Even though I don’t have any Colorado families in my Sweet Green Family yet, I’m going to make a strong effort to blog as if I did!  Until I do, I suppose my blog will mostly be about me personally.  Does anyone remember LiveJournal?  I have a feeling this will be a little like that.  If I’m feeling smart, I may even try to write about photography and the business itself.  🙂

It hasn’t even been week since I went live, but the immediate support that I received from friends and family has been so wonderful!  I know that it’s all coming from people that already love and care about me, but every little Facebook like and comment feels like a birthday card.  I invited all of my Facebook friends to like my Sweet Green Photography Facebook page, and it’s been exciting to watch friends from so many different and faraway places in my life like it.  Every like feels like endorsement for my work and for me as a person.  I feel honored, especially if it’s from someone I haven’t seen or spoken to since high school.  It’s like I’m thrilled that they remember me and think fondly enough to support my new venture.  🙂

Even with all of the support, I know that I still don’t have it all perfect yet.  I need to remind myself that it’ll never be perfect.  As an artist, it’s hard to turn that off.  But I will keep learning and changing things as I go.  And that’s ok.  That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about.  I’m happy that people now have a professional place to learn about Sweet Green Photography.  Now, I have to find my people.  My Colorado families.  My Sweet Green Families.

I only began learning about SEO a couple weeks ago, and have a lot more to dig into.  I’m hoping I won’t have to drastically change the way my website looks to everyone, but consider this a little warning I suppose.  😉  If I’m going to count on Google to help Colorado families find me, I have to show up closer to the top on search results.  I’m not sure I’m even showing up at all right now!  I learned that the more content you have on the web, the higher your business will rank in searches.  So, as I’m working on my SEO and not photographing yet, I plan to blog as much as I think you all can handle.  Prepare for a lot of Steph… 😉  Here’s to the beginning!


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