Sweet Green Shows Am vs Pro: Real Estate Photography, Part 1

Welcome to my new series - Sweet Green Shows Am vs Pro!

For this first edition, I'm kicking it off with real estate photography.  Part 1, I'll call this.

Real Estate Photography, Part 1

For years, I've been looking for opportunities to share examples of the striking positive differences that professional real estate photographers make.

Through photographs, let's take a look at some of those differences.

Before I was hired to photograph 10311 W Girton Dr, these were the listing photos of it -

Am vs Pro

Now, I'd like to point out some Am vs Pro differences.


Right off the bat, a main difference is the orientation, I think.  Most of these amateur images are vertical.  Vertical photos remind me of cell phone pictures.  In general, when I think of homes, I envision them in horizontal (or landscape) form in my head.  As a professional real estate photographer, I record most of my homes horizontally.  I feel like vertical orientation can sometimes serve tighter spaces well - like bathrooms, closets, and pantries.  However, for most rooms, I like vertical photos give the viewers a more tunnel-like vision of the space.

Vertical Lines

Another aspect that makes professional real estate photography more appealing is that the vertical lines in the photo - the corners and edges of walls and windows - are, for the most part, straight.

Clarity and Sharpness

Amateur real estate images also tend to not look as sharp and crisp.  Because they are usually sharper, professional real estate photographers' images look more polished and clean.  Which is quite pleasant for potential buyers to take in - what might be their future home already feels tidier!


As a professional real estate photographer, I personally feel like the most important reason to hire a pro like me is the editing.  Amateur real estate photography doesn't have all of the hours of editing backing it up.  Professionally editing images not only helps to make them sharper, but it balances the lighting and color.  In another post, I will share more about the amazing ways that editing improves my photography.  But for now, I will simply state that editing remarkably increases the impact of images.

Denver Real Estate Photographer

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After Sweet Green Steph got her lens on this condo, these are the photos of this same place -