North American Plastics

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North American Plastics

I will never forget North American Plastics.

In 2019, they entrusted me with photographing their portraits while they met in Denver, Colorado, for a multi-day conference.  My first corporate headshots gig!

Some lovely soul who worked at the DoubleTree Denver Central Park (formerly DoubleTree  Stapleton North) recommended me.  I never could figure out who this gal was and how she had heard of me.  But I made her list.  Five photographers. And Sweet Green Photography was on it!  Thinking about it now, I really should reach out to her to properly thank her.  It’s been nearly two years, but it’s never too late, right?

The day before I would have actual North American Plastics employees in front of my camera, I grabbed my guy and drove out to that DoubleTree to scope out spots.  I wanted to explore all of my options in the space that was provided to me for photographing.  Those folks were so sweet that they even gave us complimentary warm cookies!

My model Paul and I enjoying the cookies

On the days of photographing the North American Plastics crew, things went super smoothly.  It was exciting to have all of the guesswork out of the way.

“If we try a portrait over here, how is the lighting?  How do I make this background less distracting?  Oh shoot, that didn’t work.”

Nope.  None of that!

It was so simple and the speed of everything made it so much fun.  Instead of spending an hour with one person in order to take three perfect portraits for them, I spent three minutes each with at least ten people.  It was awesome!  Because look how great all of these turned out!

Denver Corporate Headshot Photographer

I’m calling it.  Calling myself one, that is.  I feel confident in that I can make this work anywhere.  I already do that with individual professional headshots.  I show up and figure it out on the fly.  The results are natural portraits and an easy experience with a sweet photographer.  As I like to say, this is how I elevate the professional portrait experience.

So, if you’re out there in the world of Google, I hope that Sweet Green Photography will eventually pop up as an option for you in Denver, Colorado.  Since this session, I photographed one more corporate headshot session and have another one lined up.  But I would love to do more! Lemme know. 🙂

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