Veteran’s Passport to Hope 2016

Branching Out and Comfort Zones

In November of 2016, I accepted an invitation to help out a fellow Denver Photo Betty.  I had officially launched Sweet Green Photography a year prior.  I wanted to get involved in the Denver female photographer scene.  And this was the perfect opportunity.

Sometimes, as a photographer, I like to challenge myself.  But only sometimes.  😉  No, seriously.  I'm a big fan of my comfort zones.  Anyway, occasionally, I venture into new or rarely visited territory.  I think I'm least scared when I involve my camera.

Veteran's Passport to Hope

On November 11, 2016, Laura Romey of Laura Ann Photography was generously photographing a veterans' fundraising event for free and needed some help.  She needed another photographer or two to sufficiently cover the event.  Called the Veteran's Passport to Hope 2016 Gala, the event was going to be held at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum!

A handful of events and parties cushioned my photography portfolio.  However, I hadn't visited Wings Over the Rockies yet.  And I don't believe I had ever photographed an event in which the atmosphere would be so dim and dark the entire time.  This is where me challenging myself as a photographer comes into play...  Also, ahem, Veteran's Passport to Hope 2016 Gala?  An event fancy enough to refer to itself as a "gala" was also a new challenge for me.

Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum looked so beautiful.  While thick streams of deep blue lit up the huge aircraft quietly resting in the hangar, white spotlights illuminated the American flag, podium, and the Fallen Soldier's Table.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am rather proud of myself with how my photographs for this event turned out!  I love looking at them.  Every time I do, I feel like I am right there again.  The lighting was just so lovely!

Denver Event Photographer

If you count childhood vacations, I've been photographing events since the mid-1990s!  And the school yearbook?  I was an active member in both my grade school and high school, baby!  I love this stuff!  You could say that I was born for this.  Recording life through photographs (and video too, actually!).

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Back then in 2016, I never would have dreamed that I would be photographing aircraft some day.  Ever since I was a child, airports and aircraft have excited me.  Just the sight and sound of a jet makes my heart beat a little faster.  So, being surrounded by those sleeping, still birds was magical.

I love that I can now say that I have a photography portfolio filled with aircraft.  I'm excited to show it off here - Aviation Photography.  🙂

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