Radium Hot Springs

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Radium Hot Springs

Colorado Camping

As a personal family vacation photographer in Colorado, I have the pleasure of spending some of that time camping with families.  Located near Kremmling, Colorado, Radium Hot Springs is a hidden gem.  It’s a primitive warm springs pool located on the banks of the Colorado River.  Located a little over 2 hours away from Denver, Colorado, Radium Hot Springs is a quiet getaway perfect for an overnight camping trip.

For this family vacation, I traveled with a mother and her adult children and dogs.  While I didn’t photograph the family in the actual Radium Hot Springs, I photographed the journey before and after.  Don’t worry – we enjoyed the hot springs!  But I kept my professional camera a safe distance from the Colorado River.  🙂

Before we hiked to the hot springs, we set up our tents and ate a quick snack.  After hiking to the hot springs, we relaxed and cooked a foil-packet dinner over the campfire.  It was a real treat!

Why I Love It

I love being a personal family vacation photographer.  I’m so honored to be trusted with documenting a family’s vacation.  While I’m usually on the sidelines, I still get to experience their trip with them.  When I look at their photographs afterwards, I feel like I’m right back in that vacation with them.

As a photographer, I love the variety of experiences that I am privileged to share with families.  Whether it’s posed professional portraits or a more candid, documentary take, it all matters.  And I love it all.  Because I started photographing my own family vacations when I was a mere 12 years old, personal family vacation photography holds a special place in my heart.  Because of that passion, I’m extra delighted to photograph yours for you.

While this family vacation was a rather primitive camping trip in Colorado, I also travel internationally.  I’m excited, flexible, and ready to go!

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Finally, if you have any questions or are ready to book me as your family vacation photographer for the next time your family travels, please call me at (618) 660-6863.  You can also reach me by email at [email protected].