Morgan and Jess 2019

Morgan and Jess.

Roommates and friends.

They have made a lot of memories together and have many more adventures ahead of them.  A perfect reason to have professional portraits taken!  Especially with the holiday season coming up (and a cute pup!)

If there’s a time of year that gets us thinking about the value and magic of professional photographers, it’s now.

I love that these gorgeous gals treasure the gift of professional photography.  It really is a gift even if it’s of ourselves.  It’s a gift TO ourselves.

Morgan and Jess also understand the importance of having their portraits printed.  So, it’s perfect that they chose Sweet Green Photography to photograph them!  Because they’ll be receiving a 24″ x 24″ canvas and an 8″ x 8″ book from me.  🙂

Check out their beautiful book below!


Their session was so much fun.  And, at times, funny!  Dog Rafi was such a good boy but his love of sticks almost backfired on us!  As with all Sweet Green Photography sessions, I photographed on-location and came to them.  We stayed simple, close, and comfy.  I was able to photograph their entire shoot within their apartment complex!

Natural, sweet, and easy…that’s how I do things over at Sweet Green Photography!

Check out their complete portrait session below.  So lovely!

[pp_gallery id=”5940″] 


I loved giving Morgan her 24″ x 24″ gallery wrap canvas!


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