KTBT’s Formal Maternity Portraits

KTBT’s Formal Maternity Portraits


The parents-to-be


Real-life supercouple and relationship role models of mine.

They’re such a perfect pair that I’ve been combining their names into one for years.

KTBT = Katie + BT (short for Brian Thomas).

Katie is my youngest sister.  She’s known her fiancé BT since grade school.  I’ve known my future brother-in-law for at least 15 years.  Ya know, I actually can’t remember when I first met BT because he’s been around my family for so many years now that I’ve lost track!

KTBT went to high school prom together, dated throughout their college years (and a little beyond), spent some of their twenties apart, and then came back to each other in 2013.

Since then, they spent years living in a tiny tiny home in Colorado.  They shared a shed and less than 200 square feet of living space.  They cooked their meals on a hot plate, and 5-gallon buckets provided all of their showering and bathroom needs.  They drove all over the state of Colorado in search of a larger plot of land on which to grow, and then moved across the country – back to their hometown of O’Fallon, Illinois, with their two dogs and tiny home in tow.

KTBT are two of my most favorite people in the world, and they’re having a baby.


Keeping up with my Expertise

Expertise has named Sweet Green Photography as one of Denver’s best maternity photographers for 4 years, but I haven’t actually been able to photograph a mama-to-be in a while.  Photographing my pretty, pregnant sister was such a joy!  She’s so beautiful, and witnessing the love and adoration that KTBT have for each other takes my breath away sometimes.  Whenever I’m around KTBT, I feel like I’m all smiles.

Check out their beautiful portraits that I took of them on their property!  KTBT’s formal maternity portraits!


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Denver Maternity Photographer

Sweet Green Photography photographs expectant parents not only around the Denver area and throughout Colorado but anywhere in the country!  I suppose I should say that I travel internationally as well.  I have yet to be asked to accompany a couple for an adventure like that, but that’d be lovely!  Parents-to-be love that I come to them and photograph them in their spaces.  In and around their homes, their yard, their neighborhoods, and their favorite spots.  As a maternity photographer, I believe that capturing the natural is as important here as it is in all of my portrait sessions.  I document the real you.  I capture the way relationships feel between you and your loved ones.  I tailor every experience to suit the faces in front of me.  Sweet, easy, and natural.  That’s the Sweet Green Photography experience.

I wasn’t named one of the Best Maternity Photographers in Denver for nothin’! 😉

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