Denise Burgess for Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Business Altitude 2017


Making It

Have you ever heard people talk about the moment when they knew they had “made it?”  Well, the moment I knew I had “made it” was when Sara Crocker of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce contacted me in May of 2017.  Sara is the Communications Manager for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.  She asked me to photograph Denise Burgess for their upcoming quarterly publication of the Business Altitude.

The Backstory

In November of  2015, I joined the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.  (You can read more on that story here – Joining the Chamber.). From that month on, I was at 1445 Market Street in downtown Denver every week for Leads Group 7.  I explain why that was so important to me here – Leads Group 7 – Why I Love Being a Member.  Anyway, after a year and a half of taking every opportunity I was given to network and connect with people through the Chamber, I felt like my brand was starting to speak for itself.  Employees of the Chamber whom I had never met knew who I was!  In green dresses and signature green t-shirts, it seemed that Sweet Green Photography had shown up to enough events that my reputation was preceding me.  Sara Crocker called me!!!

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Business Altitude is produced quarterly.  I guess you could say that it’s the official publication for the Chamber.  Printed copies of it adorn the tables in the Chamber’s modern and airy public seating spaces, and I couldn’t believe MY PHOTOGRAPHS would soon be in those pages!

My job was to photograph Sara as she interviewed incoming board chair Denise Burgess.  After their interview, I would have a little bit of time to take some posed portraits of Denise.  Portraits where I’d be able to direct her for poses and she’d be able to look directly at my camera.

After I was finished photographing, I was so excited that I asked to take a picture with my phone of me with both Sara and Denise.  Eeeee!!!

Denise Burgess, Sara Crocker, and Steph Martychenko of Sweet Green Photography

The Moment

When that issue of the Business Altitude came out the following month, the interview was the cover story.  My photograph was ON THE COVER!!


I had never felt prouder.  She looked glorious!


So, that’s my moment.  The moment when I knew I had “made it.”  In my book anyway.  🙂


Here’s the link to the article that Sara wrote! Summer 2017 Business Altitude.

Even though most of them were not chosen for the article, here are some other portraits that I took of Denise.  I’m pretty proud of them.  This was my first time photographing a person in this fashion!  This fashion meaning that I had both a strict time limit and had to take action shots of sorts.  Because people are animated during interviews usually!  Denise certainly was, and it was just fantastic!

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Whether it’s a session like this or a more traditional professional headshot experience, it’s so satisfying photographing portraits of adults.  One of the best things that someone can tell me is that I really captured them.  Or that a friend saw the portrait that Sweet Green Photography took of them and commented, “That’s you.  That’s so you!”

If you’re looking to freshen up your headshot, I can help!  Please text or call me at (618) 660-6863, or email me at [email protected].

You can see more examples of my work in that area here – Business Headshots and Branding. 🙂

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