8643 W Mississippi Pl

Last March, I moved in with a guy that I found on Craigslist.

A Bit of Backstory

After my divorce at the beginning of 2017, I spent the rest of 2017 and all of 2018 focusing on me.  Partnerless for the first time since 1999, I had to explore who I was a little bit and really think about what made me happy.  What colored my world.  A completely new concept in my adult life, I said “Yes!” to all of the adventures.  I gave Sweet Green Photography everything I had, traveled internationally (see photos from my Portugal trip here!), and didn’t worry about the money.

However, in early 2019, I finally ran out of money.  I realized that I had to make some changes.  If I wanted to continue to live in my dream state of Colorado, I had to move out of my cozy, one-bedroom apartment in Golden.  Since October 2014, my whole life in Colorado had happened up that hill in that apartment complex.  The neighborhood and the view were the main reasons that I stayed there as long as I did.  Many aspects of my experience there were rather unprofessional, disappointing, and downright ridiculous.  But it wasn’t until my finances decreased and rent increased (to $1385!) that I was convinced to leave.

Since moving out of my parents’ home in December of 2006, I had only lived with a spouse and then just myself.  I had just gotten used to the world of living alone these last couple of years!  Finding and then living with a ROOMMATE was a completely scary and uncomfortable concept to me.

Finding a Roommate

I spent weeks scouring ads for a one-bedroom space in Lakewood or Golden, Colorado.  It would have to allow my dog Max and cost me less than $800 a month.  I reached out to lots of people.  Unfortunately, by the time I contacted them, all of the rooms had already been filled.

On Craigslist, I came across the ad for 8643 W Mississippi Pl and was drawn to it.  I would have my own bathroom, nice shared space, and a backyard.  It was also in a quiet neighborhood, and my roommate was a working fellow who would be gone most weekends.  When I inquired, it was still available!  I stopped by to check it out in-person and meet my potential roommate/landlord.  It seemed like a great fit, so I jumped on it.  I moved in at the end of February of 2019, and it was my home until just a few days ago.

The Place

For “moving in with a guy I found on Craigslist,” I was very fortunate to have such a positive experience.  It’s super nice, and I hope it’ll be a lovely match for someone else.  These photos are my way of showing my gratitude to my landlord and roommate Noah.

Here’s a link to the current Craigslist ad for 8643 W Mississippi Pl, but you can also see the photos that I took of it below.  🙂

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