Nana’s 90th

In August of 2014, my nana turned 90.

Such a big birthday deserved a big party.

We threw her a party at my parents’ house, and I documented the whole event with my camera.  🙂

A Bit of Backstory

In 2013, my nana moved in with my parents.  Up until that point, she was able to live in her own little home fairly safely.  However, when dementia started to take a stronger lead in her simple life, the safest place for her became my parents’ home.  My parents so thoughtfully and carefully prepared their home for her and gave Nana her own room.

Equipped with memories of England, family photos, a tea kettle, sweets, and plenty of yarn for knitting, Nana’s room was perfect for her.  After she had some time to get settled in her new space, I photographed Nana in her room (see these portraits here – Nana’s Final Year).

Months later, as her big birthday approached, I knew how important it would be for me to photograph that August event.  I had a feeling that Nana’s 90th might be her last birthday with us, and it was.  She passed the following May.

Nana’s 90th Birthday Party

Let me first start by saying that my mom throws pretty darn good parties.  She always lays out a sweet spread of fresh fruits and veggies, chips, some sort of sandwich, and enough dessert for everyone!  Thoughtful touches and homemade favors are staples of parties that my mom hosts.  Nana’s 90th was no exception.

Nana’s 90th birthday party was sprinkled with colors and fun everywhere!  Matted and laminated, carefully selected photos from Nana’s past hung proudly.  Balloons and bubbles.  Grandchildren and great-grandchildren laughing.  A pre-rainstorm pool party.  And to top it off, a big family photo of everyone together with Nana.

I’ve included some of the highlights here.  🙂

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Party and Event Photographer

As a Denver, Colorado, event photographer, I not only photograph corporate events, but I also photograph parties!  From a 1st birthday to the 90th (and beyond!).  Engagement parties.  Anniversary parties.  Even family reunions.  I feel that it’s super important to remember these special events.  Especially with professional photography!  So much so that…I’ll do it for you!  🙂

If you hadn’t considered a professional birthday party photographer or an anniversary party photographer, I hope that I’ve persuaded you to maybe consider one!

To learn more about me, click here – The Owner.  If you’d like to see more of my work in this area, click here – Events and Parties.  And if you think you might be interested in having me document your carefully-planned party (or any event!), please don’t hesitate to text or call me at (618) 660-6863.  You can also reach me by email at [email protected].


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