Great Frontier


Today marks my one year anniversary of working at Great Frontier Brewing Company!

To celebrate, I thought it appropriate to dig up the photos that I had taken of this fine Colorado craft brewery back in June of 2019.  One slow shift, I busted out my “real” camera and had some fun.  Cropping and composition.  Framing some of my favorite views in the brewery.  Challenging myself to focus on the logo.

You know, fun photographer stuff.  😉

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Great Frontier is a big deal to me.  My life has changed drastically in these last 12 months.  I can’t believe I haven’t told all y’all about this yet!

As I tell my customers, long story short, a year ago, I ran out of money.

…But you know I love to tell the long story. 🙂 Click here to learn how it all went down – Saying “Yes!” to All the Adventures.  It’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


When I moved to Lakewood, Colorado, last March, I quickly missed Golden dearly.  I missed always easily seeing the mountains.  Lookout Mountain, South Table Mountain, North Table Mountain, and Green Mountain.  I missed downtown Golden and all of the hills.  After living nearly 4 and a half years in Golden, I didn’t think Lakewood would ever feel like home.  Thanks to working at Great Frontier (and LandLocked Ales!), I am proud to call Lakewood my home now.

Especially since this COVID-19 schtuff has gone down.  The generosity and sense of community that I’ve felt from the residents of Lakewood brings me to tears sometimes.

Back to the Brewery

Anyway, over this past year, Great Frontier Brewing Company has become my second home.  Actually, I’m at Great Frontier more than I am my own home!  Until Great Frontier, I had never looked forward to coming in to work for any other job.  I’ve felt “okay” about some places and still showered before showing up, but I never really enjoyed being there as much as I do at Great Frontier.  When I was younger, I never envisioned my 38-year-old self wanting the work for someone else.  At Great Frontier, I love the atmosphere, the family for whom I work, and the customers.  And the beer’s not bad either!  😉

Honestly, the beer is really well crafted.  The brews are intentional and balanced.  Passionately studied and tested before being shared with the public, they’re super solid.  I’m proud of the product – that’s for sure!

And I really am proud to represent this business.  As the founder of my own business, I know the importance of brand representation.  So much comes from the “feeling” that a brand produces.  The feeling that a customer has when they’re in a space, how they remember the place once they’ve left, and what they take back home with them.  Be it a beer, a memory, or both!

I’m honored that I get to be a big part of this for a craft brewery in Colorado.


Once an auto shop, the building that houses Great Frontier has six huge garage doors surrounding two sides of it.  When the sun’s out and the temperature’s hanging out in the 60s or higher, I can open up a couple of them.  I never miss out on enjoying a beautiful day.  For the first time in my life, I probably get to enjoy beautiful days more because I’m at work.  It’s such a warm space.  All of the natural light, the colors of the walls and bar, the sunshine.  I don’t want to get emotional right now, but I will just say that, during this pandemic, the usual warmth and kindness that I feel from our customers is even more.

At Great Frontier, I also get to choose the music, change the channels, and generally set the mood.  ‘Tis not a place that I would ever want to play rock, pop, or hip hop.  I’m all about keeping the mood warm and mellow.  Slowing down the pace of everyday life.  Sipping a cold, craft beer, and taking in the fresh air.  Oh, and I can’t believe that I forgot to mention – I CAN SEE MOUNTAINS the entire time.  🙂

Instead of solely sharing my “Sweet Green” photos of Great Frontier, I’d like to share some things that I’ve captured on my phone too.  To paint a better picture of this warmth of which I speak.

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Branding and Commercial Photography

I took all of the above photos for fun.  Because I’m a photographer, and I love this stuff.  I feel very strongly about the appropriateness of my brand.  Representing the “feel” of me and the experiences that I give to others, my brand allows people to get a good idea of who I am and what Sweet Green Photography represents.  As a professional photographer near Denver, Colorado, I help others show the world who they are.  Whether I am shooting commercial photography for businesses or professional headshots for individuals, it’s all branding photography to me.  I help you and your business share your voice through photography.

For my main gallery of work in this area, click here – Business Headshots and Branding.  I also have some examples of some individual branding sessions in these blog posts – Heart Centered Adventures and Shanty Town Design.  🙂

To learn more about me, click here – The Owner.

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