$25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

$25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

With Black Friday coming up this week to kick off the holiday shopping season, I found it to be a perfect time to try a giveaway.

Get excited!

It’s the first one for Sweet Green Photography!

The winner will be announced before midnight at the start of Cyber Monday.  Sweet timing for a little shopping for yourself. 🙂

To enter, I’ve listed a few areas where Sweet Green Photography could use a little help.

Now, don’t do anything right here right now! You have to use a special form to tally up your entries! (If you’re not sure how to work the entry form, this might help.)

I want to explain in a little more detail how you can obtain entries.

I’d love to pull all of my friends and fans into my official Sweet Green Family list.  So, first, I’m requiring each contestant to sign up for my Sweet Green Family updates.

You can obtain additional entries for the giveaway by participating in other activities where I need support.

  • Visit my Facebook Page for Sweet Green Photography.  If you don’t already “Like” it, well, why not? 😉  I can’t give you any extra entries for sharing my Page, but it would be so sweet if you would!
  • Leave a Review for Sweet Green Photography on Facebook.  A lot of my friends and fans have been photographed by me over the years.  Simply describing my character, my photographs, and/or what it feels like to work with me to the Facebook world or Google would be very helpful for those who are curious about working with me.
  • Follow me on Twitter!
  • Leave a blog post comment on my website!  I want to hear what your top 5 favorite movies are or what colors your world. 🙂

This contest runs from 12:00AM MST on 11/23/2015 and concludes at 12:00AM MST on 11/27/15.

I’ll announce the winner by 12:00AM on 11/30/15 just in time for one lucky winner to be able to spend that $25 Amazon gift card on Cyber Monday!

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