Gallery Wrap Canvases

Gallery Wrap Canvases



Sweet Green Photography Straight on shot of Braden canvas duo Gallery Wrap Canvases

Adding excitement and warmth to every room in the house, gallery wrap canvases allows families to show off their favorite portraits.  The design of your gallery wrap canvases begins the very first time you meet Steph at your Design Session!

Using only premium quality materials, Sweet Green Photography’s canvases are constructed of genuine artist canvas.

Sweet Green Photography Closeup of texture on canvas Gallery Wrap Canvases

The canvas, ink, and coatings are formulated to work together to provide the highest quality, longest lasting product available.

These 1-1/4″ depth canvases are not only durable, but they’re built with fine art in mind.  Even the corners are beautiful!

Sweet Green Photography close up of wrapped canvas edge Gallery Wrap Canvases

Sweet Green Photography offers 2 types of gallery wrap canvases – traditional and framed.

The traditional canvas allows the photograph to extend over the face of the canvas and wrap completely around the edges.  A modern and polished look!

Sweet Green Photography Charley canvas edges showing too Gallery Wrap Canvases

Printed on genuine artist canvas and maintaining the same 1-1/4″ depth, the framed canvases offer a frame around the edges.  🙂

Two color choices are currently available for the frames – black or walnut finish.

Sweet Green Photography Mommy and Daddy on canvas with walnut frame Gallery Wrap Canvases

The canvas is mounted flush to the frame, providing a sleek and seamless look.  With the same 1-1/4″ depth, this also allows families to show off both traditional and framed canvases and maintain a cohesive look.

Sweet Green Photography close up of walnut frame edge Gallery Wrap Canvases

The frames are constructed of recycled plastic, making them environmentally friendly, solid, durable, and lightweight!  Particularly safer for households with young children.

Keeping it from deforming and loosening, all canvases are built with a solid face to support the canvas.  They also come with a beautiful, finished backing.  Ready to hang!  A nail and a hammer are the only tools needed to get these babies right up onto the wall.

Sweet Green Photography flat back of canvas hooks in 2 spots Gallery Wrap Canvases

Sweet Green back edge of canvas Gallery Wrap Canvases

Sweet Green Photography can’t wait to help families enjoy these in their homes!

Sweet Green Steph loves them so much herself that she even wrote an entire blog post about her passion for canvases here.


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