A Passion for Canvases

I love canvases.

Currently, they are the only way I hang photographs in my home.  

No more framed prints.  

Only canvases. 

I feel like each image is given a little more importance when it’s on a canvas.

Canvases in Our Home


When we returned from Maui for the last time back in 2012, I knew I needed to preserve the best of it in canvas.  I wanted proper photographic reminders every day of the beauty that stole my heart.  

I picked 3 of my favorite moments from that trip – 

  • cows grazing on the golden pastures of south Maui
  • twilight looking towards the west Maui mountains
  • crashing waves near the black sand beach on the Road to Hana.  

Those bold canvases keep paradise alive for me every day, and I can remember those experiences like they were yesterday.


My Maui triptych on canvas

The surfboards on the shack at Surfing Goat Dairy Farm are a favorite Maui memory too. I mean, just look at the name!  And I do love my goats.  


The side of a shack at Surfing Goat Dairy Farm in Maui


It was months before I put up any wall art in our family room out here in Colorado.  

We didn’t really have anything up in our family room at our last place, and I wasn’t sure what would feel right.  

After I discussed it with the hubs, we decided on some images of Colorado.  I had snapped a ton of photos back in July of 2014 (months before moving here), when we vacationed here and drove Trail Ridge Road.  We picked a few from that, and I love them!  We’re literally surrounded by Colorado both inside and outside of our home! 


Trees in Rocky Mountain National Park


Sights on Trail Ridge Road


The most recent additions to our walls are canvases of our families.  Every day when we wake up and walk out of our bedroom, we see our families.  I took both images this spring, and I love having updated portraits of that part of out hearts.


Canvases of my families – the Biermanns and the Martychenkos

Working with Canvases

I have to admit, most of my passion for canvases comes from how easy of it is to get photographs up on the wall.  And large.

When a glossy print is involved, it’s a regular chore keeping it pristine until it makes it into a frame.  It’s exhausting, struggling to handle it properly so as to not get tiny dents in it from holding it the wrong way.

With traditional prints, I also have to go out and buy a frame and keep that completely protected until it makes it up on the wall. (A nice frame isn’t cheap either.)  Then, I have to manage to keep the print perfect as I fit it into the frame, in addition to pulling off the miracle of keeping everything lint-free.  Oh, and after the print makes it into the frame, I then have to string wire across the back of it so that I can hang it.  

As an artist, I’m not intimidated or overwhelmed by the process, but it’s not a lot of fun.

And it’s definitely time-consuming.

With canvases, I get to skip all of those steps.  All I have to do is take it out of the box and hang it on the wall with one nail.  So.  Easy.

Also, how much fancier does a canvas look?!  They’re totally sweet!  And much heartier too.  I don’t even have to dust them!  

Sweet Green Canvases

Because I am such huge fan of canvases, I design and offer those to my Sweet Green families instead of traditional prints.

I’m passionate about offering something a little different and making it as easy as possible for my families.

Sweet Green Families don’t have to decide which images they should hang, where they should hang them, or have anything to do with getting their portraits ready for the wall.  Weeks after your Sweet Green Selection Session, you’ll be enjoying them on your walls!  In beautiful, bold canvases.  🙂

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