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It’s always a perfect time to photograph babies.  A different expression, a different sound, a different skill.  Every new day brings fascinating changes and growth!

Experienced in working with infants as young as a couple days old, Sweet Green Photography photographs babies naturally.  In their homes.  Emphasis is always placed on their faces.  Because isn’t that the best part?!

For all sessions, Sweet Green focuses on capturing close-ups of babies’ faces.  The rest can be up to you though.  What story do you want to tell?  Tender moments during nursing, bath time splashes, a trip to the park?  It’s all worthy of being beautifully documented.  What do you want to remember?

With an artistic awareness, Sweet Green Steph will record all of the little details that directly surround your sweet ones in your home.  Steph won’t intentionally incorporate props, but any items that are important to you and your baby are certainly welcome.

Sweet Green Photography - Natural, In-home Portraits of Babies


Love what you see?  Have any questions?  Please give me a call at (618) 660-6863 or email me at [email protected].

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