10311 W Girton Dr

10311 W Girton Dr

His lucky charm.  That’s what Will Hamm of Hamm Homes calls me.  He calls me that because of how quickly his last listing sold after I photographed it.  🙂

Months later, he called me again to ask if I could quickly get out to a Lakewood condo.  He had already gone live with the beautifully renovated Unit 2 of 10311 W Girton Dr, but it was sitting.  He hadn’t received any offers on it.  This concerned him.  After reaching out to a fellow partner in the Colorado real estate industry for advice, he realized what was wrong.  He hadn’t used a professional real estate photographer for the images.

So, I swooped in and saved the day.  😉

First, I’ll show off what I photographed for him.

Sweet Green Photography’s Professional Real Estate Photography


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If you’re curious, here is the actual listing – 10311 W Girton Dr, Unit 2.

Non-Professional Real Estate Photography

Now, I’ll share with you the original images…that I did NOT take.

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Why Hire Sweet Green Steph?

I think this is a perfect example of the importance of professional real estate photography.  Even in a hot market like Denver, Colorado, it’s crucial for every home to have its best chance to shine.  As a real estate photographer near Denver, Colorado, I provide the unique and valuable service of turning around my real estate photography same-day.  My same-day real estate photography gives Realtors an added level of professionalism.  Realtors can count on me to make them look good.  Not just through my professionally edited images of their listings.  I also make them look good because of the way that I treat their clients.

With sellers and homeowners, I am warm, friendly, efficient, and professional.  Just being me basically.  🙂  Colorado real estate agents and the clients that they serve can also trust me with their homes when they are not there or even if they have completely vacated their place.

To learn more about me, click here – The Owner.  I am able to respond most quickly to texts, but please don’t hesitate to call or email me as well.  My phone number is (618)660-6863, and my email is [email protected].


Below are some of the real estate listings that I’ve professionally photographed!