What To Expect at Your Headshot Session

Working with Sweet Green Steph

So, you've decided that you want to update your headshot, eh?  Well, I'd love to help you with that!  Here's what to expect at your headshot session with Sweet Green Photography.

First of all, before your Photography Session, I encourage you to call or text me to discuss outfit or location details.  If you are having difficulty deciding on what to wear for your professional headshots, I can help you.  You can text me pictures of clothing options, and I can offer advice and suggestions.  The day of your Photography Session, I can also help you with that.  You can lay out some ideas, and once I arrive, we can look at them together.

As a Denver, Colorado, headshot photographer, I not only allow a complimentary outfit change, I encourage it!  By switching up your outfit (or at least your top), you give yourself the option of two different "looks."  I love this because of the variety it gives us.  First, I can photograph you in a more formal, business casual outfit.  Then, you can change into something more casual.  I suggest wearing one of your favorite outfits for this.  An outfit that makes you feel good about yourself.  🙂

For your Photography Session, I'll be coming to you to photograph you.  Whether your home or place of business, I'll be there.  Studying the surrounding environment, I'll pick a few places around us to serve as backgrounds and run my ideas by you.

Once I begin photographing you, I will guide you.  I'll direct you, explaining how I would like you to pose.  Stance, head tilts, and hand placements.  I've got you covered.  My goal is to make having your photos taken be easy and completely painless.  Oh, and then show you some professional portraits of yourself that you are not only "okay with" but that you actually like.  Dare I say love?  🙂

During your Photography Session, I'll snap 30-40 images of you.  Immediately after that, I will load them up on my MacBook and help you pick out your favorites.  You'll pay me, and then I'll head home to lightly edit your favorites.  In total, plan to spend about an hour with me.  By the end of the day, I will email your finished images to you.

Same-Day Professional Headshot Photographer

Yep, I take care of all of it for you the very same day.  I believe I might be one of the only photographers in the Denver, Colorado, area that has such a fast turnaround on professional headshots!

Let me help you elevate your image.  It's a ton of fun for me, but I still move quickly for you!  Above all, I'm so honored to hear from clients how good they feel about the headshots that I've taken for them.  I'm not going to leave or let you pay me unless you truly like what I have taken for you.

Natural, sweet, and easy.  That's the Sweet Green Photography Experience.

Now that you know what to expect at your headshot session, please let me know if you have any questions!

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