W 73rd Ln Basement

W 73rd Ln Basement


I’m very behind on sharing this, but I’ve been itching to show off the latest creations by Grayson Construction LLC!

This time, we’re in Arvada, Colorado. Here’s what I’ll call the W 73rd Ln Basement.  🙂

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Even though I am known as the Denver same-day real estate photographer, Sweet Green Photography also works with general contractors and construction companies like Grayson Construction LLC.

Unlike with Colorado real estate, the sense of urgency here tends to not be as intense. With Grayson Construction, I usually wait until owner Justin Puente has a couple of projects for me to photograph.  Although I sometimes need an extra day to edit multiple projects, I love to be able to photograph a few places back-to-back in the same day.

Check out some of my other work with Grayson Construction below!

Need a Denver same-day real estate photographer? I’m your gal! Please call or text me at (618) 660-6863, or email me at [email protected].  🙂