3020 Atchison St

3020 Atchison St

Last month, I photographed for the first time for one of my fellow Aurora Association of Realtors members – Ann Howell!  Ann is a Realtor with HomeSmart Cherry Creek and has been a licensed real estate agent since 1997.  In 1997, I was still in high school!

This listing – 3020 Atchison St in Aurora, Colorado – was a particularly special home to Ann.  Growing up, it was the childhood home of one of her good friends.  In its current state, the home needs work.  But in its prime, it was a place full of fun and laughter.  As I photographed a room in the basement, Ann stood beside me and recollected that it was once her friend’s bedroom, a room where they had shared many sleepovers together as young girls.  🙂

Here is the actual listing for it – 3020 Atchison St, Aurora, Colorado.

And here are the photos that I took of it!

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Naturally, I loved all of the green in this home!  Green kitchen, green bedrooms…  And I’ve even had a couple of walls in a previous apartment painted pretty close to that pink.  🙂

I’m just now noticing that Ann chose not to use some of my green-walled images in the official listing.  I believe two of the bedrooms truly were green, but I may not have accurately color-corrected another one.  Oh no!  Well, let me say that I always welcome and accommodate requests from my clients to adjust details like that.  So, please reach out to me!  Our computers show colors differently, and our phones may even display altered hues as well.  And after hours of editing, some times, my eyes can get a little crossed.  I may not portray the colors as accurately as someone who has spent more than 90 minutes in that space would.  Lemme know, and I am more than happy to tweak schtuff like that.  As a Realtor, when its your listing, you know better than me!

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